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Rescue Chair of 9/11 Attacks Discussed on the Radio

Disc Jockey Discusses Life Saving Evacuation Chairs made by Evac+Chair® during 9/11 Rescue.
Life Saving Story of John Abruzzo

The EVAC+CHAIR® is the original emergency evacuation chair. There are plenty of copycat competitors, but as usual, the original is still the best.

Here's why:

Our evacuation chair is simple. It works every time. It is intuitive so anyone can use it, even without training or instruction. There are no complicated add-ons to break. No gimmicky features to snag or fail. It simply works, effectively, easily, and does what it was designed to do: save lives.

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Control the Descent
Today, the most common reaction to an EVAC+CHAIR® demonstration ride is amazed wonder at its ease of operation, smoothness and speed. While under full control of the buddy or attendant, the descent is four times faster, safety and far easier than any other form of stairway carry. Controlling this descent was the second important breakthrough in its design.

I had started my design process with a misconception of what the endless traction belt should do. As a result, I first employed roller bearings in its support to lessen friction, as if I planned to evacuation upward. As soon as I discarded this needless complication, I was prepared for an important discovery which riding the escalator of a New York City department store.

On that ride, I watched the rubber handholds slide smoothly over the side railing. If I could turn that railing upside down, I would have a rubber-grip outer surface, a linear friction brake interface between rubber and metal and the prerequisite longitudinal backbone to support the belt loop. There only remained the laborious trial-and-error testing and selection of the best belting material. After trying scores of materials and cross sections, including urethane, nitrile, gum rubber, rough tops, cleats, and so on, I finally selected an especially modified Gates FHP V-belt with the outside cover scarfed to provide an impression grip of each stair's nosing. It has proved ideal for the purpose.

- David Egen,

Inventor of the EVAC+CHAIR®

  1. GSA Schedule: GS-07F-0162V
  2. ISO 9001:2000
  3. ADA
  1. RESNA
  2. NFPA
  3. Winner: Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) - Design of the Decade
  4. OLTCA: Ontario Long Term Care Association

Stairway Chairs

Our Stairway Evacuation Chair Model 300H is Now Equipped With Our Exclusive Dual Position Seat..

Rescue Chair | Stair Chairs

The EVAC+CHAIR® is the original Emergency Evacuation Chair.

The Worlds No.1 Emergency Stairway Evacuation Chair, utilized in the World Trade Center During unfortunate attacks.

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Stairway Chairs

EVAC+CHAIR® has been providing Evacuation Products & Services to the following companies Since 1982.

Rescue Chairs | Emergency Chair | Stair Chairs
Evac+Chair is a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency. Single user operation ensures no heavy lifting or manual handling is required during emergency evacuation procedures.
In the event of an emergency such as an earthquake or a fire, elevators should not be used in multi-storey buildings, therefore people with a disability or who are injured may become trapped. Our evacuation chair is the perfect solution; it is a light weight and easy to use device which glides effortlessly down stairways to assist with the quick and safe removal of people who are mobility impaired in the event of an emergency evacuation.

The Evac+Chair is wall mounted and folds away discreetly making it the perfect solution to ensure your business is compliant with the latest health & safety and fire safety regulations.

For further information on the evacuation chairs or stair chairs, please contact us!

Standard model Evac+Chair® with 400 pound weight capacity. 15 Year Warranty.
Standard model Evac+Chair® with 500 pound weight capacity. 15 Year Warranty.
Designed with 2 extra handles for locations with difficult access and 2 person operation.
IBEX TranSeat
700H safely
descends and
ascends stairs
without carrying or heavy lifting.
The Carry Lite Chair is a lightweight, narrow carry chair for the mobility impaired.
EVAC+CHAIR® offers a complete line of accessories to accompany your chair and provide additional safety and convenience to your facility.




Evac+Chair is fully equipped to provide the best training and equipment needed by large scale buildings and venues in the event of an emergency egress, stairway evacuation, building evacuation or fire evacuation situation. In order to meet fire and safety regulations, it is important for all large scale buildings to provide adequate evacuation products for those that should need them.

Emergency evacuation chairs, also known as disabled evacuation chair, stairway evacuation chair, fire evacuation chairs, evacuation chair or evac chairs, allow wheel chair users or less able bodied people to be evacuated quickly and safely down stairs in the event of an emergency.

Let’s face it, evacuation equipment may well need to be carried to where it’s needed most. Up a flight of stairs, down the hall to a bedroom, to an accessible fire stair... it’s difficult to position equipment precisely where it will be needed. Therefore be sure it’s light enough to be carried. Twenty pounds is doable, 50-lbs is an arm-wrenching struggle.

An added benefit here is that “light” translates into “speed” for getting it to where it’s needed. Evacuating an individual down fire stairs requires “control descent” that encourages speed to match traffic flow. “Polymatic Traction" TM is the self- regulating speed governor feature of the EVAC+CHAIR® that enables the operator to speed up, slow down or stop on the stairs with smooth assurance and ease. Since its introduction in 1982, EVAC+CHAIR® has gone through 5 major design revisions with minimal weight increase and little added complexity for major evolutionary improvement. 

Evac+Chair of North America Inducted in the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial

The original (over 30 years of experience) Evacuation Chair manufactured by Evac+Chair of North America, is inducted (placed) in the World Trade Center Museum, on display for saving the lives of several individuals that were confined to a wheelchair. Evac+Chair of North America is now part of American History for saving lives during the World Trade Center Attack in New York City. The Stair Chairs of Evac+Chair are of unique construction which makes it easy for anyone with any type impaired mobility (permanent and/or temporary) to be navigated up and/or down a staircase in time of need. Evac+Chair of North America is the company that originated the stairway evacuation chair over 30 years ago. More than six occupants were rescued to safety during the World Trade Center Towers attack on September 11, using the evacuation chairs of Evac+Chair of North America.

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